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Slope stabilization and rockfall protection works with restricted access

Project Overview


The slope behind the Victoria University Coastal Ecology Building was adversely affected by the 2016 Kaikoura earthquake sequence shortly after the initial 7.8 magnitude earthquake. The earthquake was followed by number of strong aftershocks and combined with wet weather conditions, caused a number of slope failures and rock falls at several locations along the slope behind the building.

Two main areas were treated, one for rockfall with a 50m long 2m high 500kJ rockfall barrier, and the other for slope instabilities in soil with a mesh system actively tensioned to the face with anchors.


Geovert Solution


Working collaboratively with the client and the designers at ENGEO initially to undertake some inspections and emergency rock removal  immediately after the event to make safe for the residents and the building over the 2016 Christmas period.


When the site was cleared of vegetation, the mesh was installed first and drilling completed through it. This reduced the risk of rockfall from moving plant and equipment around the upper face, keeping our crews and the business operations safe around the site.


The rockfall barrier was built at the toe of the rock face to north of the site with an excavator mounted drill. 

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