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Contact and back fill injection grouting on the Gold Coast, Queensland.

Project Overview


SEQ Water required the Nerang Tunnel to be upgraded on the Gold Coast which required the construction of grout flow barrier rings and contact grouting to strengthen the tunnel and seal against water ingress.


Geovert completed the contact grouting over the full length of the tunnel commencing at the portal and continuing progressively to the other end of the tunnel designed for the supply of potable drinking water for the region.

Geovert Solution


Initially, caps were installed on all grout ports within an isolated
section of lining to ensure injected grout couldn't run from
neighbouring grout ports. Grouting was carried out in a specific sequence ensuring the effective filling of voids behind the tunnel lining and commenced on the lowest grout ports of all the rings
located within an isolated section. This process continued to higher grout ports in each ring until finally the highest grout ports were the last to be grouted in each isolated section effectively sealing the tunnel. Grout design & testing was completed prior to commencing
the production works

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