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The ramp into the pit had a wedge that required stabilising to ensure the safe access for the haul road in Boddington Gold Mine

Project Overview


The Boddington Gold Mine is a gold and copper mine in Western Australia that  has surpassed the Superpit as Australia's largest gold mine. Geovert has worked collaboratively with our client Newmont Boddington Gold for over 10 years with a permanent crew providing ground support to the mine and its operations, improving both safety and productivity.


In 2020 a wedge failure had developed on one of the haul roads and NBG responded quickly with our engineering and ground support team to develop and implement a solution to efficiently prevent the failure from getting worse. 


Geovert Solution


Using the high reach drill that we designed and built specifically to suit our client NBG's site specific requirements, pattern bolting with cable bolts was completed safely from 20m below the top of the failure with around 360m of drilling to prevent further failures. 

To remove any future risks of potential rockfall in the same area a TECCO G65/3mm drape was also installed over the face to control the trajectory of any loose rocks during the mines life.

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