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Installation of GAZEX avalanche mitigation systems 

Project Overview


The Jackson Hole Mountain Resort is a ski resort in the western United States, at Teton Village, Wyoming. In the Teton Range of the Rocky Mountains, it is located in Teton County, 12 miles northwest of Jackson and due south of Grand Teton National Park as well as vast Yellowstone National Park.


Geovert installed three 1.5m3 and one 0.8m3 Gazex Avalanche Exploders along a steep section of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort known to the locals as "Pepi's Bench". Jackson Hole ski patrollers, avalanche specialists and Geovert located the exploders in areas that previously required a difficult hike to access.


Geovert Solution


The 4 Gazex exploders eliminate the need for hand thrown explosive charges and a long ski/hike to access. This allows Jackson Hole management to safely open this section of the ski resort without delay when the avalanche condition forecast is high. 


All materials and equipment were mobilized using heavy lift helicopters working at 10,000ft elevation. Without road access, Geovert used custom built lightweight, heliport-able drilling equipment for the mass concrete foundation tie backs and micropiling. Each Gazex foundation required drilling and grouting 5No. 20' deep anchors. Foundations were excavated and formed with steel reinforcements with the  concrete was placed using a hopper on a heavy lift Black Hawk helicopter.

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