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Ground improvements for new crusher pockets using high pressure grouting with TAM pipes

Project Overview


Geovert were contracted to undertake ground improvement works using high pressure injection grouting with tube a manchettes (TAMs).


The controlled injection grouting was completed to improve the ground and foundations to support the deceleration loading of the 500t dump trucks above the crusher pockets where the iron sore was processed.


Geovert Solution


TAM pipes were installed and grouted into place to enable the Bimbar packers to be installed and inflated during the post grouting process.
Once the packers were inflated at the designated TAM window,
secondary grout was pumped at pressure of up to 30bar to
fracture the primary grout with pressure then lowered and
controlled to around 6 bar. 

Grout quantities were monitored and recorded using stroke meters attached to the grout line from the high pressure pumps.

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