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3No. projects delivered with total environmental compliance stabilising the banks of the river in Hamilton


Project Overview


This project included significant stabilisation of slipped and unstable portion of the western Waikato riverbank next to the city side abutment of Claudland’s Bridge and Bryce St. The works were required to stabilise and upgrade the existing walkway and track along the top of the bank following the river. The original contract work consisted of 1100m soil nails into the sandy soils of the bank to the north.

Working closely with our client Schick Construction, HCC and the engineers the project was delivered well ahead of program meeting all environmental goals and as a result the project team were awarded an additional two packages. This included another 750m of soil nails in the south and 350m soil nails under the bridge to stabilize a much large portion of the river bank with the project winning an award.


Geovert Solution


As the banks were heavily vegetated careful clearance was required to selectively remove trees and shrubs to enable the wagon drills to be lowered into position to drill and grout the nails. Erosion control matting and wire mesh were used to stabilize the bank with hydroseeding applied that quickly revegetated the green slope.  The crew also installed the new drains and channels and tie back anchors for the new timber pole walls at the top of the path.

With the mighty Waikato River meters below where we finished stabilizing the banks, we had to work hard to ensure that no vegetation, drill returns or grout entered the river, and the protection measures installed were cleared daily by hand. 100% compliance was achieved due to the team’s management and effort.

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