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Rockfall Barriers

Rockfall Barriers


Geovert leads from experience in this field, offering our clients the comfort of seamless, practical design-build solutions. Our experience is comprehensive in every facet from initial inspections to the design and project delivery, through to the development of specialized construction equipment and techniques required for the safe removal, stabilization and protection of rockfall hazards.


Our team have developed robust risk management processes, safety systems and training ensuring safe access for the assessment, hazard removal or the installation of rockfall barriers for protection.   We have vast experience in the design and construction of certified and engineered protection systems for mine site infrastructure and in open pit or coal mines. 


Geovert has designed and built a very wide range of rockfall barriers for our mining clients throughut the Asia Pacific for temporary use, to be reused, and for permanent installations from 100kJ to 8000kJ certified systems.

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